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Final Reflections




Le Penseur / The Thinker by Rodin



Remember what your profile was 6 weeks ago? Remember what your goals were?


Well, the time has come to reflect on this 6-week workshop, so the Baw 2009 team invite you to leave your thoughts, suggestions and comments about this collaborative journey. It's always nice to know what our participants think and your reflections will also help us improve Baw 2010. Thank you! :-) Tell us please: 


  • What you liked and didn't like
  • What you learned
  • What you would have liked to learn
  • What your next steps will be
  • If your goals were met
  • Any other comment you would like to share with us



Carlos Barrera


Feedback: I liked learning about new technologies and the hands-on approach is really helpful I wasn't available all time, but I attended 2 conferences. Sometimes there a lot of emails that have nothing to do for everybody, it was just for two persons.

I learned about new web tools elluminate, Tappedin, and the different quiz maker sites.

I would have liked to focused more on how to do live sessions or webinars.

I am working with a group of students who have little knowledge of technology, so I'm going to take them to those basic tools that I have just here: yahoo groups is the first one.

Well, I guess my goals were met beyond expectations. I really learned a lot, but again more focus on one thing would have been nice. I know I have to go on  on my own.

I think that being the only Ecuadorian in this group, I didn't do a pretty good job. But I am happy with the learning. Thanks.

PD I did this today because Carnival holiday starts tomorrow, Saturday 13, in Ecuador and I'm going away for a couple of days, maybe more.  



Adelina Moura 

These lasts six weeks have been amazing, with an intense learning and discoveries. This course allowed me to discover many tools and to interact with teachers from around the world. It helps me to reflect on my own teaching practices. My spare time did not allow me to be very participatory in this course. It is very well organized, dynamic and innovative. Congratulations to all coordinators.  



Larissa Olesova


BaW2010 was my first time moderating week 2 with Jose Antonio. I can say that it was great experience. What I like: I like communication and gathering different resources from BaW2010 participants. I like reading and looking at BaW2010 ideas, projects, wikis, blogs, exercises, etc. Also, I like participatiing in live sessions during all six weeks. What I didn't like: starting from week 4 in BaW where we explored virtual rooms I could hardly follow participants products - I can't say that it was a lot, but I worked with BaW stuff during my work in lab where I was not allowed to have recorded voice, etc. That's why I missed some recordings and participation. I hope to update my schedule for BaW2011 - no labs any more next year. I learned a lot, but the most valuable I learned that we always learn from each other and together. I would like to learn more to develop my real online class in future (might be in summer this year) with all activities and invited speakers. So, my next step is to collect my ideas together and build own vritual class for my students where I will keep everything together - probably I will start from wiki. My goals were met for sure - I learned that teachers always search for new ideas and always help each other even we live in different countries. I remember that last year someone suggested to have the list of intended collaborators between classes - it would be great to have this list again this year in our wiki. If I am not wrong of course. I am looking forward to having BaW2011. I would love to express my gratitude to my dear friend Teresa, Daf, Jose and all BaW2010 moderators and participants for support and help during this session -  I found a lot of new friends in BaW2010. 



Valentina Sitnik


I liked everything. I've learned that these are only tools and we're to be smart to use them correctly, in a proper way in a proper environment. I'd like to learn how to combine everything in a system.I want my Access and university projects to be fulfilled. Besides, I've been invited to share my Web2.0 experience with the ELT teachers from my republic at the seminars. All my goals have been 'over'-met! I am still wondering how the coordinators and moderators have managed to arrange this BaW10 session?!




María Luján Dolabarás

How I feel after these six weeks? I feel sad because the end is near and happy at the same time. Not only have I learned about tools and different ways to apply them to my classes; the most important concept is the philosophy behind the course: SHARING. Even though I didn't know that much, I fel encouraged to help others and also, ask for that same helping hand when I needed it. The feeling is, that you're never alone on your quest, there's always someone from a distant part of the world who's eager to aid.

Although I have done most of the tasks, I wasn't that active on weeks five and six, so there's still some work to do for me. I was worried, but now I know that I can pace my learning according to my needs. And that's my goal: keeping on learning and sharing with this wonderful bawers community. My next step will be to fill my wiki with all the ideas, tools and ways to implement them in the classrooms; if possible I'd love to show my pupils' production there, too. 

THANK YOU!!!!!!!






If I'm to talk about the sessions, I think I will write a short story :-) (may be a novel). In fact, it is so because many things happened during the six weeks. I was overwelmed by the "huge" number of tools, sites, readings and tasks I should go through, try and use, read, and do; in addition to the daily work at school and at home. I didn't really expected to get stuck sometimes. During the third week, I wasn't able to be here because it was a period of examination and work was for whole days; and at the weekend, I had a trip to attend some conference. So, I missed lot of things :-( . However, I tried to do most of the tasks. I missed some online sessions, namely because I was at school at that time; but I tried to see the recordings. I liked those I attended and found them very useful and informative. The moderators were very helpful and comprehensive. Nevertheless, being a newbie in the baw sessions has made me look strange and silly as, sometimes, I was asking questions that may seem stupid to presenters or participants, and in other times, I was resenting to recording and repeating things to remember them later. Sometimes, I resorted to joking and kidding just to break the ice and trying to take things easier than what they look in reality ( I ask your pardon). In fact, the tool I used most was Diigo because, each time, I needed to bookmark pages and sites to reuse them later. I shall say that some tasks are not yet finished (can't be finished because I need to edit, change and add things), some tools aren't yet tried (intending to try them all) and the most important, some articles aren't yet read :( (read two articles per week). So, once again excuse me for that. Yet, I was enthusiastic and very eager to apply things (at least trying them) asking for help and getting feedback. In other words, I was the teacher at school but once home, on my laptop, I became a student, a real one :-) ! Thank you so much for offering us such a wonderful experience, thanks for everyone who shared his or her work with us, thanks for everyone who spent some time to write to me, thanks for whoever shared new tools and new stategies of work with us, thanks for all moderators and co-moderators.... In a word, Thanks for Baw community 



Vesile Acar

When I first heard about this course and after checking the content of it I decided to take it with hesitation and questions in my mind since it would be my first time with an online course. During the first week, I was overwhelmed with lots of mails and readings and was in a bit of panic. However, as most of my colleagues have mentioned sharing and collaboration help me feel better. I have joined almost all of the live sessions and read all the assigned readings and tried to make comments about them. I’ve tried my best to keep up with the mails and follow the works of other participants. At first, I was hesitant to make comments about anything but just reading notes about what the others were doing. Then little by little I started taking steps, joining many different sites, having my own pages, blogs and being more confident with what I am doing. At the end of six weeks, I have lots of videos to watch, many different sites to follow and a lot of information, ideas and plans in my mind to be organized and a great group of friends all around the world. Now, I need time to digest everything and choose the best for my classes and teaching. It’s great to know that I have you whenever I need help. I’d like to thank once again to all the moderators and the people sharing this great experience with me:)))



Sue Ann


Where do I start? I don't even remember how I got involved, but I thank goodness everyday that I did. I have never enjoyed such an intensive 6 weeks.
At the beginning I was really apprehensive about my ability to keep up. From the start of week 1, the support was unbelievable. Did the moderators ever sleep?
By week two and the mini conferences I was still quite shy about adding my tuppence-worth to the conversations.
The following weeks were full of amazing new things to try out, and lovely colleagues to try them out on. I took part in as many of the live sessions as I could, participating with more confidence each time.
The whole six weeks was very well structured to give us a chance to build our knowledge and try out a myriad tools.
I have been on the most amazing journey and produced some pleasing results with the help and advice of many other good friends I have met along the way.
I am really delighted to have made the connections across the world and fully intend to keep the contacts alive and healthy. I thank each and every one of you, especially the moderators for their untiring help and support to us all, and leave BAW2010 in anticipation of what is in store for us all in 2011.



Habiba Remmal 


I am very thankful to all participants,organisers and moderators of BAW2010. I  liked all activities I learnt many things about how to use technological tools with students. But what I did not like is that I have missed some sessions. for this reason , I felt very sad because it was out of my reach because of connection problems or my absence. I learnt how to use: twitter, videoconferencing on skype, blogging, podcasting, wikis, wiziq, tappedin, aviary, ning, elluminate, voxopop, voicethread, lingt language, delicious, proprofs, grouply, web2.0 and wallwisher. I still have problems with blended learning and speedgeeking. I think I have to do more learnings to understand them enough.My research is going to go beyond BAW2010. I would say that I am grateful to Baw2010 and EVO sessions for making me technology addict. I liked every activity and I would like to participate next year in these sessions. I will have acquired many things and there will be fruitful discussions than my discussions this year. Thank you again  to all of you .Without Baw sessions, I will be missing you.    



Elizabeth Anne (eannegrenoble)

I was only lurking, but I would like to thank everyone because I found lots of inspiration in what everyone actually did with the tools we were shown. And on the prinicple that "every little bit helps" even trying things out only occasionally really does improve one's competence as a digitally literate person :-).  Even though it will take time to get a handle on most of the things we were shown, even just knowing they exist is quite a big step forward. So THAAAAANKS to everyone.




I wanted to write many things, but decided to show you through this picture what BAW'10 means for me. I have learnt a lot guys!!! You can't imagine how useful and unique is being part of such an amazing team. My future plan is to put in practice some tools that I haven't tried well yet, but let me tell you that  I'm already working with most of them. Thanks to Moderators, BaWers, Friends and everybody who made this real. Thank you so much. Gilder



Béatrice Alves (BéaBees)

 I really enjoyed these six weeks and liked everything about them except that I didn’t have time to participate as much as I wanted.:( ; on the other hand, I know that I can come back whenever I want and keep exploring.:)

I learned a lot about some applications new to me (mostly voice communication tools) and now have a broader view of some applications I already knew of. It’s great to read and see how others can make a different use of the same tool. As I said, it’s nice to have the opportunity of reading more in depth all that was shared here, and this will be my next step.

I’m also glad I registered for this session because of its side effects like keeping my motivation high, feeling less isolated and strengthening my faith in lifelong learning.

Thanks for everything and I’ll be back next year for more.




Lifelong learning has become part of my existance and I would like to keep up with the new tools in education. What I knew about Web 2.0 Tools before BAW was like a blurry picture: I have heard of some of them, but I had no idea how to use them. During this 6 weeks, I understood that online learning can be effective and fun at the same time, but most of all, I got an organized image of such tools as Twitter, Yahoo Groups and Podcasts. Absoluteley new for me were: Tapped in, Digital Storytelling and Ning. I would like to create my own blog someday, but I think that I need to have something really special to share with my students or colleagues, so I need more experience in teaching first. The course was indeed intensive, and I could not catch up with the last assignments, as I was taking Images4education at the same time, but it is very nice that we can return to this wonderful resources! Thank you everyone!





Attilio Galimberti 

What I liked best was the informality of this learning community. Nobody feels superior because they know more than others and consequently nobody feels inferior because they have to learn more. Nothing to do with other (sometimes expensive) courses I have taken part in…

‘Sharing is caring’, I read somewhere in the tons of emails: this is the best recipe for a successful course!

I learnt about new Web 2.0 tools and in the next months I’ll try to use some of them with my students. I would have liked to have more time to take part in more online sessions and presentations, but  January is grading time in Italian schools and we have lots of tests and classwork to mark.

Of course only some goals were met. In a lifelong learning dimension there is and there will always be something new to learn, but after this great experience I’m sure it will be easier and more motivating to learn from and with colleagues from all over the world. Thanks to everybody and a special 'thank you' to Teresa, Daf, Chaouki, Maru, Hala, Habiba, Svetlana, Evelyn, Anisoara, Mbarek, Veronica and Sue!




I had wanted to take a course like this for about two years, but I didn’t know which one, where or how. I’ve been actively teaching English for almost 28 years and I like to be updated. Now I think I deserve to work out less and more from my home, so I decided to use the Internet for such purpose. I’ve been designing and evaluating course materials lately via Internet.
I want to teach in-company courses in the morning and work from home in the afternoons. From a friend’s mail, I read about EVO and Baw2010 and decided to sign up. I must admit I was a little lost at the beginning, but I continued working and gained
more confidence each day with a little help from my new friends, looking at the work of other bawers and the guidance of our splendid team of moderators I gained more insight of the course.

These last six weeks were intense and very rich at the same time. I tried to finish on time, always catching up and feeling tired but happy at the end of the day. I didn’t imagine I would share with so many nice people from around the world. I felt the support of fellow bawers as well of moderators. The presenters were very well
prepared and their live sessions very informative. I feel I have finally found the course I had wanted to take for the last two years. Now, it’s time for completing pending tasks, reviewing my own work as well as others’, and continuing trying tools. I didn’t do all the tasks, but I’ll do that eventually.
It is good to know we can continue accessing Baw2010 pages throughout the year.
I’m going to put into practice what I learned and make my classes more interactive
with blended learning. I’m going to explore all platforms presented in deep and
start using Google apps. I want to keep in contact with all the wonderful people
I met during this workshop and hope we meet again in future Baw events. Despite
the hard work and short time, I liked everything and have no suggestion but
to encourage you to spread the word and continue with this fantastic project.
I’m very happy to have signed up for this course and want to join the Webheads in Action. I’m looking forward to Baw2011 and will invite some of my colleagues to join me in this joyful ride.
I want to thank all Bawers for their contact, but I want to acknowledge Chaouki, Anne Sue, Arja and Maria Lujano's support. I also want to congratulate and thank all moderators for always being there.
I am grateful to Baw2010 organizers and EVO.





I learned so much - Skype, Yahoo Messenger, voice chats, conference calls, learning platforms, blogs, wikis, podcasts, BaW map, GMT time, adding my profile, social networks, blended learning, etc.


I was overwhelmed by the emails and the # of sites to explore. I put email into folders for later and will continue to explore sites now.


Week 5 I lost my close friend to suicide, making it difficult to focus.


I will now continue to explore sites and tools and learn how to use them in moodle. I would have liked to learn more about moodle, but am grateful for the links offered.


Encouraged to realize how much I absorbed in 6 weeks I am now more confident that I can learn to configure moodle. I'm less apprehensive to explore, experiment, make mistakes and get stuck, as I now see that that is integral to learning technology, especially for newbies and digital immigrants.


I am very grateful to everyone who gave selflessly of their time, effort, expertise and concern to make this such a resounding success. May God richly reward you and bless you! Many thanks!






ElizabethA and Helen Davis finally meet up in Grenoble




















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