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Participants' Playground






Welcome to the Playground!


On this page, you will have the opportunity to practice your wiki skills. Give it a try before you create your own wiki :-)


  • Try .....
    • creating a link to another page of the wiki
    • creating a link to an external page
    • posting an image
      •  use the URL of an image or
      • upload an image (remember to use small pictures - less than 100 kb)
    • Changing font colors
    • Adding a table
    • Embedding a recording or video


Start from here


Let's play around, then! 





I'm María Luján Dolabarás. Desperately trying to become a Webhead!!! Green is my favourite colour...


My first table on a Wiki!! I thought it'd be harder!!!
But it's not! ; )


Now, embedding a video... but how can I paste  the HTML code?... Source???






Let's see... Yes!!! I'm sooooo happy!!! This playground is GREAT!!



My first wiki-words 1
My first wiki-link 2
My first wiki-table 3



I'm Catherine and I feel like I'm the panda in the film Kung Fu Panda; when the Panda says he's level zero, the master replies that there is no level zero but then after seeing the Panda in action decides that now there is a level zero.  


http://www.ayacuchoperu.com - the town where I live.


rsz_ayacucho.JPG    Ayacucho -  the most beautiful town in the Andes.


How am I doing?


Name Level at the beginning of the course Level at the end of the course
Catherine zero webhead


YouTube plugin error


Wow - this is easier than I thought it would be and so cool. :) 


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Madam Matika Smith said

at 5:21 pm on Jan 27, 2010

Hi, My name is Miriam

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