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Participants' Photos and Intros-  Page 4



Participants page 1


Participants page 2


Participants page 3




Once you click on Edit page, scroll down the page until you see the last introduction, then...


Follow these instructions to copy your intro:


1. Add your intro after the last profile you find. Make your intro no more than 100 words.

2. Select "your name" and write your name. 

3. Add your photo in the left cell:

    a. Click the "Images and files" tab on the right once you are on the edit mode

    b. Upload your picture

    c. Put the cursor on the picture cell and click on the link to the image on the right

4. In the right cell write your introduction. Include information about your place of work, the country where you live, what you do, why you joined this session, and your Yahoo ID. (It's advisable to write it in advance in Notepad, for example, and then copy-paste it here.)

5. Click "Save"




Note: Please, resize your photo to 100 x 100 maximum before uploading it.

You can download this free application to resize your photo: EasyThumbnails  http://www.fookes.com/ezthumbs/


If you have questions, feel free to ask in the YG list 


Hamed Zandi



I know it is too late for introduction, but I been very busy with my final exams.

I am Hamed Zandi. I am a PhD student of TEFL at the University of Tehran. I teach EAP to graduate students at IASBS. 

As a teacher I want to use the state of the art techniques to embellish my methodology with. So, I have joined this group to explore the possibilities offered by the Net with a group of enthusiastic likeminded teachers.




Carolina Castillo


               Hi everyone, I have been teaching for seven years. Nowaday, I am teaching Engliah to nine-year-old kids in a private bilingual school. My Yahoo ID is casticaro. I would like to learn many things from all the language teachers around the world.                      


Victor Hugo Rojas B.


I’m associate professor of language teacher education at UNE & UNMSM in Lima, Peru. I have over 24 years of experience; teaching at schools, pedagogical institutes, language centres, and universities. Nowadays, I currently train pre-/in-service English teachers and attend conferences, congresses, and workshops around Perú and abroad as speaker. I’ve applied my beginner knowledge of Web 2.0, Personal Learning Networking, and e-learning in developing my courses using Moodle, Blogger, Twitter, etc. About this course, I’d like to learn and improve new ways of integrating technologies to elaborate, deliver, and evaluate distance and blended EFL teachers training courses.


Yahoo ID: victorhugor

Twitter ID: victorhugor

Blog: http://victorhugor.blogspot.com





Habiba Remmal



I am a high school teacher from Morocco.I teach baccalaureat students.I have been teaching for 8 years.I have introduced myself but the problem is that I am not very experienced as far as technology tools are concerned .I didn't follow the right constructions.Never mind it is never late to learn .I learnt a lot from moderators and participants.I have created my:

1-blog: www.remmalblog.blogspot.com

2-wiki : http://criticalmind.wikispaces.com

3-ning : www.ictteaching.ning.com

4-wiziq : www.wiziq.com/habiba

5-twitter : www.twitter.com/rehab122

6-skype : www.habibaremmal.skype.com

7-my account on  www.Aviary.com (rehab122)

8-on www.voxopop.com a discussion group entitled: Hello from Morocco

9-on www.grouply.com , www.ictteachers.grouply.com

10- http://lingtlanguage.com/hremmal (classes are not created yet)

11-remmal's office on www.tappedin.org

N.B most of my activities are under construction .they will be finished soon.I have missed interactive activities of week 5 because of engagements .I have got Hotpot software,I used it in some activities which I lost because all my  documents were removed due to a virus.I hope I will  add such activities and share them with you all.









Your name here




Your name here





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