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Participants' Photos and Intros








Click on the "Edit page" button above to add your profile. We have included a form below for you to follow.


IMPORTANT, Please read!!!!!


This page is already too long, so we have created a new page for introductions, please go to:




Once you click on Edit page, scroll down the page until you see the last introduction, then...


Follow these instructions to copy your intro:


1. Add your intro after the last profile you find. Make your intro no more than 100 words.

2. Select "your name" and write your name. 

3. Add your photo in the left cell:

    a. Click the "Images and files" tab on the right once you are on the edit mode

    b. Upload your picture

    c. Put the cursor on the picture cell and click on the link to the image on the right

4. In the right cell write your introduction. Include information about your place of work, the country where you live, what you do, why you joined this session, and your Yahoo ID. (It's advisable to write it in advance in Notepad, for example, and then copy-paste it here.)

5. Click "Save"


This page is already too long, so we have created a new page for introductions, please go to: http://baw2010participants.pbworks.com/Participants3



Dafne Gonzalez

Dafne Gonzalez has been an EFL/ESP teacher for more than 30 years. She graduated in Language Teaching, has a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics, and a Ph.D in Education. She is currently a Full professor at Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, Venezuela where she coordinated the Graduate Studies in Education Programs and was the Head of the Specialization in Informatics and Education. Besides teaching technology-related courses at the graduate level, she also designed and teaches the English for Architecture and Urban Planning blended courses. A webhead since 2002, she was the lead coordinator of the TESOL Electronic Village Online for 3 years, and has co-moderated, with Teresa Almeida d'Eça the Becoming a Webhead (BaW) online Workshop since 2004. She teaches the TESOL Principles and Practices Certificate Program course: "Teaching Vocabulary and Grammar Online". Currently, she is the head of the Spanish Program for Languagelab.com in Second Life. This is my e-portfolio
Yahoo ID: dygonza Skype: dafnegon939  SL: Daf Smirnov


Teresa Almeida d'Eca


I'm a retired EFL teacher, but once a teacher, always a teacher. I'm also a lifelong learner and a teacher trainer both f2f and online. I've been a Webhead since Jan. 2002 and have learned immensely with this fabulous online community of practice along the years. I will be coordinating and moderating with Dafne and a great group of mods our 7th round of Becoming a Webhead. You'll find most of my work, my teacher-student blogs and activities for students at my website under School.


Yahoo ID - teca2002pt, Skype ID - teresadeca, Second Life - Tere Short, Email - tmvaz-at-mail-dot-telepac-dot-pt


Vinicius Rodrigues

I'm Vinicius Rodrigues, I'm an EFL teacher from Brazil. I've been teaching for 6 years. I'm really interested in becoming a Webhead. There's just so much to learn!

Yahoo ID - vini_alter, email: vini_alter@yahoo.com.br


Carlos Barrera 

  Hello everyone!
I'm Carlos Barrera from Guayaquil, Ecuador. You can call me Carlos. My ID is carlosbarrera1975. I am working at a prestigious English Institute and a prestigious and excellent University in my hometown. I've been an English teacher for the last 8 years, I'm turning 35 this coming Thursday. I am also starting to train, coach new English teachers at the university.

I'm joining this group because I like technology and teaching is continuously changing and adding new tools. Web 2.0, CMC tools are basic for learners today and part of their lives. I hope I can finally get students to use as many tools as they can to learn better. 



Natasa Bozic

  Hello everybody. My name is Natasa Bozic Grojic. I come from Belgrade, Serbia. I have been a teacher for 20 years now. I teach adults and my school’s name is Zaduzbina Ilije M. Kolarca.

I am fascinated by Web 2.0 and I am particularly interested in blogging. This is my third BaW. Every year I learn something new and meet great people.

Here is where you can find me:

My Yahoo ID: natasabozicgrojic

My Skype ID: grojici.banjica

My blog: http://lunas994.blogspot.com

My e-portfolio: http://www.netvibes.com/lunas994

My Twitter account: @lunas994

I am Natalija Wingtips in Second Life

I am natasabozicgrojic on Facebook


Sherry Terrell

Hi!  I'm Shelly Terrell. I believe it is important to keep current on using various technologies effectively for student learning. For this reason, I am excited to be participating in my 1st EVO session with several experts! My yahoo ID is shellysanchez77. Currently, I'm the Director of Educator Outreach at Parentella, an English Language Instructor at the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Zentrum, and a technology trainer/ social media consultant. Let’s connect!

My portfolio: http://www.visualcv.com/shelly

My blog: http://teacherbootcamp.edublogs.org/

Twitter: @shellterrell


Google Wave: ShellyTerrell

Delicious: http://delicious.com/ShellTerrell

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/shellterrell

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ShellyTerrell

Skype: mr.andmrs.terrell


Anisoara Pop

Hello to BAwers, friends and new ones. I have been teaching English for 22 years and Business English for 11 years at Dimitrie Cantemir University of Targu Mures, Romania. I hold a PhD in linguistics and present at different national and international events in the field.I honestly acknowledge that I owe Baw2009 everything I have been using and exploring with technology: personal and class blogs (I am really happy about this recently created one: http://www.English4usdc1.blogspot.com for my first year students), wikis, VoxOpop and Vaestro, and I initiated a yahoo group for Romanian ESP teachers in higher education (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ESP-RO). I have started a passion for exploring new paths of rekindling my students’  motivation through technology-based English language learning. Of course, there’s necessary to continuously develop in this open-ended field, that’s why I am here to learn, collaborate and share with the most dedicated family of Webhead professionals. 


Tatiana Kobzina

 Hello everybody,         

I am Tatiana Kobzina (Tanya) from Russia / Moscow. I teach English at university. I’d like to be in the know of the recent studies in the area of e-learning tools to make my classes more dynamic. I believe implementing e-technologies  plays a crucial role in shaping students' ideas and expressing themselves on a variety of issues. It’s great to be part of teachers’ international community and share ideas with peers.

Yahoo ID: tanya.kobzina ; Skype ID: mishmash ; E-mail: mishmash63@mail.ru/ mishmash63@gmail.com



Dincer Demir

 Hi everybody.! I am Dincer.

I have been a teacher of English in a state primary school and a private language course for adults  for 3 years in Turkey. I work and live in Istanbul. BUt temproraily, I am working in Urfa,Turkey. I am also taking another online course on TESOL from USA. I am really interested in distant courses, so this course is really peculiar for my interest. I am really motivated and exicited to get most from the course.In addition, I am interested in international projects.This will be my first EVO. I have great expectations.

my yahoo id: demir.dincer

my skype id: dincherdemir

my e-mail : dincherdemir@gmail.com


Adolfo Arrieta 

Hello everybody!

My name’s Adolfo Arrieta. I’m from Sincelejo, Colombia. I have been working as a teacher for fourteen years. I’ve been using web2.0 tools for three years and they have been very useful and motivating for my students.

yahoo ID: Adolarrieta

Facebook: Adolfo.arrieta

Diigo: adolf25

Skype: adolarrieta

Second life: Xander ireto


Gilmar Mattos


My name is Gilmar Mattos and I've been an EFL teacher since 1989 from beginners to post proficiency. I am from Franca-SP-Brazil and I teach at a Binational Center here - CCBEU-Centro Cultural Brasil Estados Unidos. I did an online course about Webtools in 2008 with Carla Arena and I have now been responsible for the Technology Department of our school. I really want to learn more about the use of Web 2.0 to enhance my teaching and most importantly students' learning.

Hope to interact with you all. I'm always "around".

SKYPE: gildsmattos / YAHOO: gilmattos2001 / Twitter: @GilMattos





Chaouki Mkaddem 

 My name is Chaouki Mkaddem. I am a Tunisian English teacher. I have been teaching for about seventeen years. I teach in M'saken, Tunisia. I am highly motivated to take part in Webhead 2010 session and very glad to make acquaintances of all people involved in this session.

All the Best! 


Sheila Passos 



Hello everybody! Nice to meet you all!



My name is Sheila Passos but you can call me Shee. My yahoo ID is sheellahh. I work at two language institutes in Brasília: CIL (CIL is a public school where only languages are taught) and Cooplem, which is a cooperative of language teachers. At CIL I’m a teacher and at Cooplem I’ve been managing the department of technology. Such department deals only with the physical part, but I’ve been trying to be involved with technology in a more pedagogical sense. I love technology and I am fascinated with what it can do for us and for students who are learning a language. It is not easy to use technology when the school doesn’t provide us with the basic tools but I really think CMC can work miracles in students’ engagement and motivation. I’m finishing a post graduation course in English teaching. I joined this group because I want to learn more so that I can improve my teaching. I believe I can enrich my classes and my expectations are really high because I could feel people’s involvement in the kickoff session. Everybody is really collaborative and it is wonderful to know people all over the world are interested in teaching, learning and collaborating.

Yahoo ID: sheellahh

Skype: sheellahh

Facebook: www.facebook.com/sheila.passos

email: sheila_passos@hotmail.com, sheellahh@yahoo.com.br 


Yohimar Sivira

 Hello Everyone,

I am Yohimar Sivira, from Venezuela. I am English Teacher at Universidad Francisco de Miranda, in Coro, Falcon. I have worked there for 2 years in f2f as well as in online programs. Nowadays I teach English to beginners and writing skills to advanced sts. I love including web tools in my English Classes even though they are f2f lessons. These last 2 years I have participated in online events and education programs based on computer- mediated teaching. This is my second time in EVO although I couldnt finished the last workshops...I´ll do my best this year to stay till the end of it!!! :))) 

My yahoo ID is: yohimarsivira       Gmail: yohimarsivira

twitter: yohimar          facebook: yohimar sivira       Ning: Yohimar Sivira

Skype: yohimar.andreina       Delicious: www.delicious.com/yohimar       Diigo: yohimar

Second life: Joy Rubermeyer

 Looking forward to interacting and learning so much from u all 



Pinar Boynikoglu

I'm Pinar Boynikoglu. I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I'm teaching 2nd,3rd,4th and 5th graders this year. I'm very interested in teach-nology: ) and web 2.0 tools and using them in my teaching. I want to improve myself much more.

Here are my blogs and wiki I have started;

<http://www.pinarboy nikoglu.edublogs .org>

www.pinarsariboynik oglu.wikispaces. com

<http://www.pinarsar iboynikoglu. wikispaces. com>


All the best,



Martin E. Senger

Pax et bonum! (peace & goodness) 

I am an adult ESL teacher in Pennsylvania, USA. I am also Co-Director for the ESL Division of the Pennsylvania Association for Adult Continuing Edcuation (PAACE), and Co-Facilitator for the Adult ESL Teachers' Network of NW PA and the ESL Shareholders' Network of the Lake Erie Region, a consortium of Adult, K-12 and Higher Education ESL professionals. 

I look forward to working with you all. 






I'm an Italian teacher of English as a Foreign Language living in Bergamo, a nice historic town in Northern Italy, not far from Milan. I have been a teacher for about 25 years and I still love it! I am very excited to take part in my 1st EVO session with so many experts and enthusiastic colleagues!

I have already had some experience with wikis I have created for my EFLS students. I am also involved in Italian/English tandem projects. These are the cultural institutions I have recently made projects with: University of Oregon - Department of Italian Studies  (see the project here)

Patrick Henry High School - San Diego

Yahoo ID: galimber

email: galimber@yahoo.it

My wikispaces: http://amaldi-english-corner.wikispaces.com  and http://galliefl.wikispaces.com

My personal website: www.attiliogalimberti.webs.com

My Skype ID: bergamo2010


Dr.V.Anitha Devi 





Hello Everybody,

I am V.Anitha Devi. Welcome to all from all over the world. I teach English for learners at

VIT, India.

Being interested in the Language Laboratory and web 2.0 tools this course is a

boon for me. Once more ready to take off  as a virtual learner. ;-)

Happy BAW09 member! (:-) Trying to work on my blog. Just become a Wikibuddy.

Aspiring to learn and share!


Email: anithadeviv@yahoo.in

Skype: Dr.V. Anitha Devi 


María Luján Dolabarás 


Hi! My name's María Luján Dolabarás and I'm a 33-year-old graduate EFL teacher from Bahía Blanca, an important city in the south of Buenos Aires province. I've been working in this field for 12 years so far, teaching all levels both at public schools and private academies. I'm currently working at a technical school, E.E.T. Nº2. I'm deeply interested in the use of ITC in the classrooms, and have been experimenting with blogs for two years. Last year I took part in EVO's Blog based lessons and E-portfolios, and this is the outcome of that wonderful experience: http://construccionesweb20efl.blogspot.com/ and http://web20intheeflclassroom.blogspot.com/. I've learnt so much working on these blogs, but at the same time,  I know very little and  that's why I'm looking forward to learn from you all and sharing what I know!!!

My yahoo ID is wilwarin27.  My Skype: mldolabaratz.  xxxxx


Veronica Baig

I’ve been teaching ESL/Writing for ever; I’m currently an administrator/instructor at Athabasca University, Canada. I use non-traditional blogs on four of my courses; they use blog technology for optional

socialization for students from around the world as well as practice and more practice of mechanical and

other aspects of English:





I  use  ELGG technology for traditional blogging--password protected--sorry I can’t share! I wrote a

personal blog  for the IATEFL conference in Cardiff last year--any memories anyone? http://going-to-cardiff.blogspot.com/

And here's my newly minted class wiki: http://english140.pbworks.com/

I’m looking to expand my technology repertoire in this course.

E-mail: one_blue_jay@yahoo.ca

yahoo/msn: one_blue_jay



Susan Stephenson 


I am Susan Stephenson, from Australia.

My Yahoo ID is sueles2005. 

On Twitter I am @BookChook.

My blog is The Book Chook 

email: sueles -at- bigpond - dot - net - dot - au 

I am no longer teaching face-to-face, but I'm still passionate about children's literacy and literature. So I reach out to parents and teachers via my blog.  

I am fascinated by technology and what it can do for us all.  

My expectations are that I will learn more here that I can share with my blog readers, that I will make new friends, and that I will have fun. What more can I ask for?


Aziza Mohsen 


Catherine Dorgan



I live in Ayacucho, a small town in the Andes of Peru.  I teach in different institutions.  I have only just got an internet connection and I'm keen to see how technology can help improve my classes.  I'd also like to connect with like-minded professionals.

My ID is catherinedorgan


 Olga Muranova


Hello all! My name is Olga. I am from Saint-Petersburg (Russia). I conduct
lessons of English and its different aspects at the faculty of foreign languages
at the State Herzen's Pedagogical University and at
Saint-Petersburg University of Technology and Design. Besides, sometimes I teach German to adults at Ltd. "Benedict School". My teaching experience is
about 5.5 years at the moment. Hopefully, virtual communication within BaW-10
and participation in this workshop will help me and my colleagues use computer
technologies at our English lessons more effectively.

My yahoo ID: olgamuranova; Ning: Olga Muranova; LiveJournal: murasik.

My Skype ID: murasichek.

My e-mails: olgamuranova@yahoo.com / olga15071982@rambler.ru . 

I am looking forward to fruitful and interesting communication with my "virtual colleagues" who also decided to join this session!


Sue Annan


My name is Sue and I work in a private English Language school in Jersey, Channel Islands.

My Yahoo ID is sueannan29@yahoo.com and my email is sue.annan@localdial.com.

twitter @SueAnnan

Skype sue.annan

I am really looking forward to working with everybody and sharing experiences and knowledge.


Valentina Sitnik

Valentina Sitnik from Elista, Kalmykia (Russia). Teaching English to advanced university students and elementary/pre-intermediate Access schoolchildren. Fond of WEB 2.0 in classroom

Blog for Elista Access School

Blog for Access Summer Camp

Site for Access Lessons


Biljana Naumoska


Hi , I'm Biljana from Skopje , Macedonia.I teach English for 25 years ,I work in a primary school age 12 - 15.

I am for the second time here and I am glad that I can learn something more from all of you!

My Yahoo ID :   ivabiba09

My Skype ID :  ivabiba08



Beatrice Alves 



Friendly greetings to all,

I’m Béatrice Alves, but everyone calls me Bees or Béa. I’ve been an English and French teacher for about 20 years. I currently teach adults in sunny and warm Bahia, Brazil, for specific purposes, face-to-face and/or online and I’m fascinated by the way Web 2.0 and technology can boost the learning process. I’m looking forward to learning more and more.

Yahoo ID: beatrichca                             Skype ID: beatriceh1

Blogs: http://beabees.edublogs.org/  http://beabeesen.edublogs.org/  http://beabeesfr.edublogs.org/

Wiki: http://bees4work.pbworks.com/     Twitter: http://twitter.com/beatriceh

Second Life: Bees Despres                     e-mail: beatrice.ha@gmail.com


stacey lezama

hi everyone! sorry it took me several tries to get my photo right. i am from trinidad my yahoo id is bonnyasefue98 my skype id is stace.leza. i am from trinidad and we are in the carnival season. i have been a teacher for 13 years in the subject area of principles of business but i am currently doing my masters in reading and so i am very interested in learning how to use these tools as a future reading specialist




Hi everyone,

I'm really excited to take part in this learning experience. I've been teaching EFL for 16 years in Israel, and have been using technology with my students for quite a number of years.   

I'm sure I have a lot to learn from you all!

Looking forward to this course,


Gabriela Crocilla


 Hello, everybody!

I'm Gabriela Crocilla. I'm from Argentina and I've been teaching English for 12 years at all levels. I work in Villa Devoto School, a bilingual school in Villa Devoto, Buenos Aires. There I teach at elementary level. I also teach English to babies and deliver private lessons.

A friend of mine introduced me to this huge world of teaching using Web tools. I like a lot and I want to continue learning. This is my first time attending an online course and so far I find it great!

By the end of the course I expect to be able to create my own blog, and know much more about Web tools and how to use them in my classroom.

Looking forward to meeting you all! 

e-mail: gscrocilla@yahoo.com.ar

skype ID: gabyybeto                                                                  


Natalya Yusupova 


My name is Natalya Yusupova. I am a teacher of English at school 25 in Chirchik, Uzbekistan.

My Yahoo ID  is natalyayusupova@ymail.com

I am very proud to be a TEA 2009 Fellow this fall (Sept-Nov), because English is my second profession. I used to be a journalist but after destroying the Soviet Union I lost my job. And I am happy
with my new job.
I enjoyed my work in Purdue University with Larissa Olesova who had taught me some new technologies. I got acquainted with Teresa -one of the author of this site - in the video conference while I was in Indiana. And I hope to learn more interesting things and to have more friends all over the world.
I am 50 and before my victory in the TEA Program I considered that I am too late to participate in the International programs. And though I have 2 grandsons I am still young and want to get as more as possible from communication with my
international colleagues!

my email: mushr@mail.ru       my skype: natalyus59    


Adelina Moura 

  I'm Adelina Moura, from Braga, Portugal. I'm 49 years old,

My Yahoo ID is ActividadesInteractivas

I'm working in Carlos Amarante Secondary School, since 1981.

I teach Portuguese and French languages

I joined this group to learn about collaboration and Web 2.0 tools. I'm expecting to learn from all of you and to share some of my knowledge and have a great time with all these teacher around the world. I'll try to do my best.

I share my personal website adresse - http://adelinamouravitae.com.sapo.pt/ 

My skype: adelinam8    My email: adelina8@gmail.com   





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Carlos Barrera said

at 10:32 pm on Jan 5, 2010

Sorry I made a lot of mistakes editing the page. I am so happy and excited I'm part of this!!!

Carlos Barrera said

at 12:05 am on Jan 6, 2010

I was checking the week 1 questions in the YG list, what's YG list? I mean, I think YG stand for Yahoo Group list, but where is it exactly?

Daf said

at 3:45 pm on Jan 6, 2010

Hi Carlos, Go to http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/baw10/ and then to Post (navigation bar on the left)

Tatiana Kobzina said

at 5:23 pm on Jan 6, 2010

Dear colleagues,

Could you help me delete this image. I am not able to do that

Dincer Demir said

at 6:54 pm on Jan 6, 2010

hi, just click on it and use del button

Susan Stephenson said

at 10:04 pm on Jan 7, 2010

Thanks to whoever reduced my pic file size! I am unable to add my name. In the Edit screen, there is no "your name here" above my pic cell. (I can see it however in the View screen). It's at the side in Edit, and when I add my name, it doesn't appear on the view screen. I don't have IE, but am using both Firefox and Safari to no avail.

Daf said

at 4:27 pm on Jan 8, 2010

Hi Susan. I resized your picture :-) I have been resizing all the huge pictures to save storage space and to make it faster for the page to be seen. IE works best with Pbworks.

Aziza Mohsen said

at 5:44 pm on Jan 8, 2010

sorry - I tried to add my profile to the wiki .. for some reason the page get missed up

Carlos Barrera said

at 2:44 am on Jan 9, 2010

Thanks Daf. I see the light now.

patricia sorrentino said

at 8:07 pm on Jan 12, 2010

dear all
I´m having the hardest time ever trying to post a picture and a profile. Could anyone give me a helping hand??
tks a bunch

Jose Antonio da Silva said

at 8:32 pm on Jan 12, 2010

Hello Patricia,
First you should have a thumbnail version of your picture, next you should upload it to the wiki page and finally you just have to place the cursor where you want the picture to be displayed and click on the uploaded picture.
Please let me know if you still have problems.
All the best

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